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Portable device. Long time standby battery. Insoles of all size. Isolated sensor.


Bluetooth connection , Wireless Syncing.


Sensor stable embedded, High data accuracy.


Foot movement capture,Dynamic Restore,3D curve analyze.


Overall metrics,high spatial and temporal resolution.

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Data deep-mining, Big Data comparison.


Cloud data algorithm, One click to get the report and share.


Get gait data in excel format

Raw data download

What you can do with Senno Gait

Our reports advanced metrics allows clinicians, coaches & athletes to precisely assess users gait, quantify the impact of training on mechanics, and track walking patterns to identify trends.


Find more informations about our gait report analysis method knowledge and our technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Senno Gait have pressure sensor? Can I get center of planter pressure trajectory?

Senno Gait do not use pressure data, we maily

Where I can get technic support

Firstly please read the manual and FAQs sections. If you still have problem. You can get support in our App. Or you can send emails to us.

Dose the price includ Vat?What will the customs and VAT fees cost at time of delivery?

Vat are excluded. Additional fees may be due from your local customs authority. Because every country has different rules and regulations, we suggest you contact your local authority before placing an order to know what those additional charges may be.

Do you cover the shipping cost? How about the delivery time

We can cover the shipping cost for you and normally deliver time is 7 workdays.

Can I buy your Insole X product? What’s difference between Insole X and Senno Gait?

Insole X (pressure sensor+montionsensor) is our first generation product. Now we do not sale InsoleX anymore. We upgrade our system to Senno Gait (montion sensor).


Portable gait analysis system

This is our first shot to exhibit on China (Shanghai ) Int’ I Health, wellness, Fitness Expo. And we are very proud being the only one portable gait analysis system  provider. Our portable gait analysis system-Senno Gait with its portable, intelligence, accurate features which can be wildly used in sports club, rehab center, retirement healthcare […]

How can Smart Insoles motion sensor get your plantar pressure trajectory

Senno Gait Motion Sensor Senno Gait analyzes humans’ gait using the micro motion sensor. By capturing and detecting the foot motion and impact, based on the correlation between foot motion and pressure distribution, pressure distribution like center of pressure can been computed based on motion sensor data. Our model has been verified through long-term researches.  The specific theory is […]

Accuracy of Senno Gait System

A result of comparison between Senno Gait gait analysis system and Vicon motion capturing system tested in CNIS shows that the measuring gait analysis accuracy of Senno Gait’s 7 core metrics are high as 97.49% compared with Vicon.   About CNIS The China National Institute of Standardization (known as the Institute of Standardization of the State […]

gait data from smart shoe insole

With wearable sensors and advanced algorithms, Senno Gait can measure the gait data in an easy way. After connecting to the app via Bluetooth, the smart insole can control the whole measurement in natural conditions and display foot 3d orientation. In some cases, the use of supportive orthotics are needed to maintain proper joint alignment. For example, if […]

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Sennotech focuses on analyzing human gait and posture with artificial intelligence technology. Equipped with advanced technology in the field of unobtrusive and wearable sensing, intelligent signal processing, we can obtain the data of one’s gait and posture from wearable sensing, intelligent signal processing, we can obtain the data of one’s gait and posture from wearable products (eg. AI insoles), behavioral imaging devices(monocular camera,millimeter wave radar) and use them in the areas of medical health, AI sports, monitoring and security, traffic safety ,etc. 

What we do

Through many years efforts in the respective area, Sennotech published “Senno” products and solutions concentrate on recovery evaluation, shoe C2M supply chain,Children’s foot and spine health,quantitative guide on physical exercises and other areas. We have provided products and service for Lining, Tianchuang, Bigger Fitness ,Orthogentic Technology, US, and other enterprises.

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