OrthoTrak is a set of automated 3D gait analysis software

OrthoTrak is a set of automated 3D gait analysis software, which is a collection of measurement, evaluation and database management. OrthoTrak integrates kinematic and dynamic data with the surface EMG data.
Clinicians can easily record the patient’s physical measurement data by gait analysis report; and the technical data quickly is compiled into easy to read charts and tables in the form of simple. OrthoTrak combines the upper limb measurement data (head, torso, arm and shoulder kinematics data) with the lower extremity kinematics and kinetic data in combination with the analysis, in which OrthoTrak is unique.
Once OrthoTrak accept 3D coordinates from motion analysis motion capture system, such as marker drop, background interference, manual data and other problems are solved. OrthoTrak provides the user with stable coordinate data, accurate clinical measurement data and the accuracy of the dynamic integration of the data. OrthoTrak is a complete, powerful, practical and easy to use software system.
For physicians who need to evaluate clinical gait types, the OrthoTrak’s main menu can help them quickly determine the type of data. OrthoTrak operating window based on the choice of the main menu, it provides a series of simple and practical tools: users can read a file from the database can select one or more test environment, may also determine the type and quantity of data of kinematics and dynamics of output reports. All analytical functions of the chart and text presentation reports can be customized to meet the needs of users.

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