Smart Shoe Design: Adaptable Shoe for Foot Pronation

The final design of the “Smart Shoe” can be broken down into two main components: the data collection and processing system, and the control of the shoes variable stiffness. The force distribution of a user’s foot will be measured using force-sensing resistor (FSR) sensors, while a Arduino Mega and a custom printed circuit board (PCB) collect and process the force data. Ten FSR sensors are distributed along the insole and communicate with a MATLAB program via Bluetooth. When certain force thresholds are exceeded, the software attempts to vary the stiffness of the insole in order to adjust the forces to an acceptable level. The software does this by triggering solenoid valves and an air compressor to control air-flow inside the shoe that will modify its stiffness. An HC-05 chip is used to transfer the sensor readings via bluetooth to the MATLAB program.

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