smart insole|new algorithm

Sennopro InsoleX comes with many micro sensor units, based on advanced fabric sensor technique and can be efficiently integrated in the Smart Insole system, it includes more than 48 pressure sensors that help map the foot pressure distribution and 9-axis inertial motion sensors, which includes 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis magnetometer.

The accelerometer and gyroscope are inertial sensors, and can capture the accelerations in all three directions, and rotations around each axis, while the 6-axis sensor is not enough to track the exact position and orientation in space well. The extra 3-axis magnetometer is used as the baseline when the inertial sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) need to be calibrated, it allows the sensing algorithms to compensate for small drifts caused by some errors built up in each axis over time, so we can track the absolute change and location much more precisely even during very complex movements, thus it functions with better precision than other wearable tracking devices on the market. Welcome to a brand new world of things.

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