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Sennopro InsoleX

Smart Insole|Foot Data Logger|Gait Analysis System|Measuring Plantar Pressure |Capturing Foot Motion Trajectory|Open API

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Sennopro InsoleX is a critical footwear product by Sennotech to accurately map foot pressure. More than 48 micro sensors were delicately constructed to measure the plantar pressure during walking. As a wearable device powered by highly integrated technology, Sennopro InsoleX is designed to evaluate your movement effectively and give real-time feedback. It’s a crucial first step in forming a healthy lifestyle.

Sennotech platform allows users to get a private instructor. Whether you want to run injury-free or improve your training method, whether you are hoping for a quicker recovery due to bone fractures or diabetic foot, Sennopro InsoleX is at your service. It can pinpoint potential mechanisms of injury, as well as places where you may be leaking energy. No matter where you live, the insole will utilize the data collected to analyze your gait character and send customized alerts to prevent further hazards.

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