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Smart Insole|Foot Data Logger|Gait Analysis System|Measuring Plantar Pressure |Capturing Foot Motion Trajectory|Open API

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Samsung Creative Labs has designed the lofit smart balance training shoes for dealing gait problems. Created by enthusiasts of golf and crossfit, the lofit shoes can present informed about the users’ stance and golf swing. They are embedded with pressure sensors and paired with an app via Bluetooth, once recharged via a wireless pad, the shoes are expected to last 5 to 7 days of 2 to 3 hours’ use. Although they also don’t track steps or provide any audio feedback through a device, users can analyze their own form through the video shots in app. It really just focus on golf and some weight training.

Sennopro InsoleX offers a portable and easy-to-use platform for users to get a comprehensive understanding of their physical stats real-time. Founded on the pioneering fabric sensor techniques, Sennopro InsoleX can track physical trajectories and communicate with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or PC for real-time data analysis or storing.

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