Save diabetic foot unobtrusively

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The rehabilitation of diabetic foot
The rehabilitation of diabetic foot

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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is creating SenseGo- pressure monitoring electronic socks to keep watch over diabetics’ feet. It’s revealed that many diabetics have peripheral nerve dysfunction. They tend to have limited feeling in their feet and may not notice when excessive pressure is being exerted on one area of foot, it will cause skin ulcers or diabetic foot, which in turn can lead to amputation if not taken care of.

The machine-washable socks contains dozens of micro-fabricated pressure sensors to detect the foot pressure, the signal will be transmitted to a microprocessor, so that the wearer will get alerts about the abnormal pressure areas, thus adjust the form or address the situation as needed.

The Sense-Go is not available right now, the Sennopro InsoleX seems a better way to go. It may be a blessing for those who suffer from diabetic foot, they usually need to pay attention to the problems with their feet. Due to lack of sensation in lower extremity, they may don’t know when to relieve pressure on different areas of their feet, those chronic pressure sores probably will result in foot or toe amputations.

The Sennopro InsoleX can compensate for sensory loss with a visualized map of foot pressure distribution and detailed gait analysis, the patients will be able to monitor their own health state during rehabilitation even not under the physical therapists’ supervision.

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