VR game control|Sony PS4

Wearable Technology Platform @www.sennologger.com

VR game| Sony PS4|Oculus Rift|HTC Vive

Smart Insole|Foot Data Logger|Gait Analysis System|Measuring Plantar Pressure |Capturing Foot Motion Trajectory|Open API

Tel +86-135-0163-4825 | Email:support@sennotech.com

There’s a lack of delicacy with the ergonomics of the PS Move controllers. Both Oculus Touch and the Vive controllers do a good job of feeling like you really have hands inside virtual worlds. PS Move is too thick to reach the point. Since PSVR costs only $399, it’s still an alternative choice in VR set.

Sennopro InsoleX has open API and Android SDK, it makes secondary development very easy, with Bluetooth data stream, the smart insole can export foot pressure data and 9-DOF movement data, like acceleration and angular velocity, orientation. It will be an amazing experience in motion sensing game.

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