running balance|gait analysis

Runners experience injuries each year, and many of these injuries are totally preventable with appropriate feedback. Insole X is a powerful product designed for dynamic gait analysis, compared to the other smart insoles on the market, it has better precision in measuring plantar pressure distribution and gait parameters, with advanced algorithms, Insole X is able to provide detailed gait analysis reports for daily gait monitoring.

Running in the wrong way has something to do with body injuries, chances are you have been injured, are injured now, or constantly trying to avoid getting injured. There are different kinds of mechanisms governing human gait and posture. Insole X is a dynamic gait analysis system with fabric sensor array and advanced algorithms. The smart insole can generate gait analysis reports to help you make informed adjustments. In addition to clinical applications, Insole X can be used in sports training featured with daily gait monitoring.

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