Gait evaluation with Insole X

Individuals with stroke suffering from hemiparesis are always keen to recover a symmetrical gait cycle during normal walking. Portable gait analysis system is rather fit to assist patients in gait rehabilitation. Once patients are highly motivated to conduct a gait measurement and get their own analysis reports, it will be easier for the rehabilitation assessment, and that’s exactly what Insole X does.

 Gait analysis can provide useful insight in gait abnormalities. Insole X-Portable gait analysis system can work in the detection of foot contact with the ground, identifying the heel and toe contacts. This ground contact information for the right and left lower limbs is the basis of two important gait parameters: the time between first heel strike to toe off (stance time) and toe off to next heel strike (swing time), which can be accurately measured by Insole X for gait cycle analysis.

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