senno gait analysis system for physical rehabilitation

As to gait analysis, instrumented treadmills are able to gather large amounts of step data, but are limited by the controlled environment and prescribed walking pattern necessary. Senno Gait, as a portable gait analysis system, it is also available to measure gait parameters, but much more easy to use, even in daily life. With advanced algorithms and inertial sensors, the smart insole can record real time foot data in an unobtrusive way.

Gait analysis system can have beneficial effects on body stability and balance training in Parkinson’s disease patients. Senno Gait can be used for gait measurement and analysis. With its advanced algorithms, the portable gait analysis system is designed for daily gait monitoring.

Senno Gait -portable gait analysis system will have long-term rehabilitation effects and can make further improvements to the patients who may have walking disability, the device will help you get detailed gait data and reports.

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