gait analysis system and physical rehabilitation

Gait analysis represents an important method in rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities. Its results document the therapy progress as well as provide valuable information about individual therapy success. Senno Gait, the portable gait analysis system, provides objective and precise results compared to reference values. The whole gait analysis process takes less than 10 minutes and only needs a straight measuring track. Senno Gait is portable and flexible in application fields, such as medical diagnosis, rehabilitation and sports activities.

Take a look at the latest smart insole, which can also be used as a dynamic gait analysis system, it’s Senno Gait developed by Sennotech, which has advanced algorithms, Senno Gait can measure basic foot data for real time gait analysis, it allows the evaluation of the progress a person has achieved during therapy. The therapist can observe how the quality of gait changes over time. These results can be used in order to e.g. modify or extend the therapy and also provide valuable rationale for health insurances.

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