gait monitoring and smart insole

The angular and translational position of the socket in relation to the pylon and foot is an important determinant of the walking pattern. Leg length discrepancies, either true or related to a less-than optimum position of the residual limb within the socket or inefficient suspension, are important secondary causes of gait abnormalities for this population.

Sennotech has developed simple connected insoles and intuitive interfaces that simplify data collection and analysis in ecological environment. Connecting with any kind of foot orthotics, Senno Gait allows seamless gait monitoring for patient and athletes anywhere. From sound biomechanical knowledge to provide the basis for clinical interventions, the most common cause of an abnormal gait pattern in people with lower-extremity amputations is inadequate prosthetic alignment. With Senno Gait, it’s easier for the accurate gait analysis and assessment of rehabilitation.




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