pronation and smart insole

Excessive pronation and supination are bio-mechanical problems, and can be treated and prevented with orthotic inserts. But before you run out to buy orthotics it makes sense to have your gait analyzed and get the right advice on footwear, a qualified podiatrist can help you choose the right shoes with a complete foot-strike and gait analysis report. They will be able to tell you if there are any concerns regarding the way your gait is functioning.

Sennotech is a new accurate and reliable gait analysis system for running assessment to find the suitable shoes, you’ll be able to measure your gait characters:

  1. Ground contact time.
  2. Left to right symmetry.
  3. Pronation excursion and pronation velocity
  4. Foot strike type (forefoot / midsole / heel).
  5. Cadence.

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