About Senno Gait

What is Senno Gait

Senno Gait is a AI-based portable gait analysis system

High accuracy from deep-learning algorithms

Smart diagnosis based on big data models

How Senno Gait works


Step 1 Collect gait data (automatically upload)

Step 2 Calculated by  algorithm

Step 3 Get report immediately

Why Senno Gait

  •  Portable
  • Sensors assembled in sockliners to get a reliable data
  • Flexible and easy to use


  • cloud Million class medical data
  • Gait pattern models


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Intellectual solutions
  • Friendly interface

Key Features

Pressure(simulate animation) , Foot motions and curves in real-time

Frame by frame 3D foot motion displays

Foot motion curves in three plans

Pronation / supination and other foot movements analysis

Swing analysis / Spatial parameters / Temporal parameters analysis

Foot strike impact and the position Display Center of Force’s trajectory

Export gait parameters of each step in Excel format

Reports share / Generate reports in PDF format


Identify and correct walking/running patterns in the gait cycle

Quantify the impact of training on mechanics

Improve athletic performance / Measure change after treatment

Evaluate abnormal gait and chronic pain risk

Evaluate footwear / Proposal of shoe last and corrections


Use as an educational tool with tangible,visible biofeedback for the client to increase compliance

Increase brand value