About us


Sennotech focuses on analyzing human gait and posture with artificial intelligence technology. Equipped with advanced technology in the field of unobtrusive and wearable smart insole, intelligent signal processing, we can obtain the data of one’s gait and posture from wearable products (eg. AI insoles), behavioral imaging devices (monocular camera,millimeter wave radar) and use them in the areas of medical health, AI sports, monitoring and security, traffic safety ,etc.(Portable gait analysis system wearable sensor)

Headquartered in Nanshan, Shenzhen, we have our laboratory in United States. Sennotech has received VC investments from OFC China, Lenovo Group, Midas Capital and other remarkable listed companies. And we are one of Chinese Research Hospital Association-Mobile Medical associate membership.

The founding team are made up of professionals from different field of studies with exceptional academic backgrounds, they are all graduated from Zhejiang University and Peking University and obtained their Ph.D or MSc degrees from elite universities in US and Netherlands. Our research team includes experts in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Sports Biomechanics and Biomedical Science.


Sennotech team has published over 80 scientific articles in various international journals and conference proceedings, and currently holds 10 national patent applications. Through many years efforts in the respective area, Sennotech published “Senno” smart insole products and solutions concentrate on recovery evaluation, shoe C2M supply chain,Children’s foot and spine health,quantitative guide on physical exercises and other areas. We have provided products and service for Lining, Tianchuang, Bigger Fitness ,Orthogentic Technology, US, and other enterprises.




smart insole developing team

CEO  Li Qin

MSc, Utrecht University, 

HSP Huygens Scholarship,

Visiting Scholar, National University of Singapore,

BSc, Zhejiang University.

Li,the “talented leader” in Nanshan, Shenzhen,was a lecturer in university and entitled as the expert of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee. He has abundant experience in technology entreprencurship.He is now in charge of product development, team management and business operation.


smart insole developing team

CTO    Li Zhinan

MEng, University of California, Los Angeles,

BEng, Peking University,

Senior algorithms engineer in Microsoft Advanced Technology Center.

He is now in charge of algorithm implementation, data mining and softwear system and hardwear system integration.




smart insole developing team

Principal Scientist   Xu Wenyao

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
BSC, Zhejiang University
Senior researcher in UCSF Medical Center
Lab director and PhD supervisor in Buffalo@SUNY

Part – time professor at American Vetran Medical Center.
He is now in charge of application development, and new technology incubation.