Foot movement and gait analysis | Sennotech smart insole

The body walks upright in a special manner during walking. Walking is not just a simple gesture to place one foot in front of another. During walking, the whole body is in motion. Nowadays, scientists can research each structure in the movement of the gait cycle separately to the human body through kinematics research techniques, and analyze the mechanism of the body structure.

The foot is a complex biomechanical structure that interacts with other sports systems. Any structural damage to the foot, such as disease, external force, or surgical injury, will result in changes in other structural biomechanical mechanisms. Furthermore, the function of the entire ankle is severely impaired when the function of all parts of the normal ankle is widely affected.

So the most important thing to sustain foot health is to measure foot movement in an effective and scientific way. But walking is a continuous motion which several movements occurred at the same time, the analysis of the walking gait is difficult. Sennotech uses 3D activity tracking and motion experience based on advanced sensing technology to build a smart insole. Use Sennotech smart insole, measure your foot activities, let gait analysis help you maintain a healthy life.

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