Accuracy of Senno Gait System

A result of comparison between Senno Gait gait analysis system and Vicon motion capturing system tested in CNIS shows that the measuring gait analysis accuracy of Senno Gait’s 7 core metrics are high as 97.49% compared with Vicon.

About CNIS

The China National Institute of Standardization (known as the Institute of Standardization of the State Science and Technology Commission when set up in 1963) is directly subordinate to AQSIQ. As a national social service institution dedicated to standardization researches, it mainly addresses the global, strategic and comprehensive standardization issues in national economy and social development of China.

Currently, CNIS has over 500 employees, including research fellows and doctor degree-holders and its researches mainly involve the standardization development strategy, basic theories, principles and approaches, and standards systems.

About Vicon Motion Capturing system

Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the Life Science, Entertainment and Engineering industries. Vicon has been committed to provide professionals with the latest tools to accurately capture the three-dimensional human body movement details, in order to meet the medicine, sports science, engineering, the application of film & TV production needs.

Vicon, as an international leader in 3D motion capture and analysis, has customers from all over the world, and its technology is widely used in different fields. Vicon system is a set of high-precision motion capture system with a high precision, which can be used to capture the motion of the human body in three dimensions.

gait analysis accuracy

About Senno Gait

The existing gait analysis methods are mainly divided into three categories: computer vision technique, pressure sensing technique, and wearable sensor technique.

Senno Gait System is composed by three parts: Gait data adapting device, control center, cloud algorithm. The core of data adapting part is the motion sensor which can be embedded inthe bottom of insoles of each side.

Data Processing
 montion sensormontion sensor
Metric Comparison

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