Portable gait analysis system

This is our first shot to exhibit on China (Shanghai ) Int’ I Health, wellness, Fitness Expo. And we are very proud being the only one portable gait analysis system  provider.
Our portable gait analysis system-Senno Gait with its portable, intelligence, accurate features which can be wildly used in sports club, rehab center, retirement healthcare systems, fitness club, etc.

Portable gait analysis system-Senno Gait

In traditional way of gait analysis, you need to go to a lab, a doctor or a professional analyst, and it costs quite a lot, you need a long way to ‘go’. Now Senno Gait makes it shorter.

With one minute test, a pair of test insoles with sensors plugged in, users can get a detailed report on their own phones who scanned the QR code, to get a specific training guidance or running advise avoiding injury, or the daily wearing insoles recommendation based on their personal gait.

portable gait analysis system
Many visitors form various segment market shows their interests and we learned it’s very necessary and significant to make different strategies for the market and we became more convinced that Senno Gait as a basic and professional system can been wildly used. We achieved initial intent of cooperation with some companies and been invited to visit their sports rehabilitation center and research center after the Expo.

It’s also a big surprise to meet our old friend Dr.Nicholas Romanov and Severin on IWF. Dr. Nicholas Romanov is a developer of the Pose Method® and world-renowned sports scientist. A 2-time Olympic Coach, author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years. Dr. was very impressed by what we’ve done, we made a lot of improvements on our system since he met us last year, and we we believe there will enlighten bright sparkles between professional gait analysis system and professional pose method. Looking forward to our next meeting in Shenzhen.

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