portable gait analysis system|smart insole

Senno Gait is able to provide detailed analysis results in order to evaluate the quality of gait. After each test, the wearers will receive a gait report including charts which allow the therapist to identify deficits. They are also illustrated in a concise manner for a better interpretation. For this aim, time series analyses for each gait phase and further graphs are available. An overview of collected data can be printed for a person’s health records, which is suitable for daily gait monitoring and better rehabilitation.

Gait analysis represents an important method in rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities. Its results document the therapy progress as well as provide valuable information about individual therapy success. Senno Gait, the portable gait analysis system, provides objective and precise results compared to reference values. The whole gait analysis process takes less than 10 minutes and only needs a straight measuring track. Senno Gait is flexible in application fields, such as medical diagnosis, rehabilitation and sports activities.

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