Senno Gait can Help Physiotherapists make their treatment visible

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of treatment provided by health care professionals to develop, maintain, and restore the body’s ability to move and function. When movement and function are affected by age, disease, injury, or even environmental factors, physical therapists and their assistants use a variety of tools and equipment to maximize the patient’s ability to move. Using a patient’s medical history and a physical examination, PTs establish a management plan for the patient within the realm of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation. Whether pediatric or geriatric, orthopedic or neurological, physical therapy treatments and products have one goal in mind: to improve the patient”s quality of life.

Physical Therapy Products

Physical therapy is a widely used rehabilitation method, and physical therapy products are divided into different categories according to different functions.
Depending on the patient’s condition, the therapist often use some treatment equipment to help him recover, an electric muscle stimulator, an infrared heating pad, a cold compress, or a therapeutic massage.
Each physical therapy device is very useful in helping patients overcome physical illness and recovery or maintenance.

Senno Gait can Help Physiotherapists Make Evaluation

All the purpose of the PT is able to make a better rehabilitation. How to effectively evaluate people’s physical status and recovery, including gait patterns and muscle function, is very important for physical therapist.
On the other hand, the disappearance of the pain is not saying the patients do not need physical interventions any more. A quantative data evaluation would be more persuasive and make physical therapy more effective. Senno PT is a very portable gait analysis device, with a smart phone, physiotherapists can get patients’s gait data including the overall metrics, abnormal gait risk, pain risk assessment and solutions.


Sometimes, the reason that maks abnormal gait can be complicated, to dig up more information, you can learn more info with our Senno Pro  or  Senno Smart

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