Portable Gait analysis system and Lower extremity function for PTs to help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain.


Senno PT is designed for personal trainer, yoga teacher, physiotherapist to improve their service. Senno PT includes gait analysis software and portable smart insole device, users are able to make personal gait analysis and evaluation whenever they need. Support by Sennotech AI( cloud algorithem),usters can make test anytime in anywhere with a cell phone and sensor-embedded smart insoles, and get the whole information of the gait within 1 minitue. 

How to use Senno Gait Smart

-Send QR code to customer to fillin informations and make reservation;

-Scan sensors and put sensor in User’s shoes

-Make test

-Read and share the report

-Make physical therpy/traning

Track recovery from injury

Improve footwear/orthopedic selection

Quantify the effect of gait retraining




   -3D motion restore  with slow motion play to helps you review the user’s walking.

   -Overall Assessment helps you general understanding users Walking performance like movement coordination and control ability.

Crowd Data includes loading impact and swing phase among average


   -Abnormal Gait Risk Score is used to evaluate some typical abnormal gait like Jump gait, Pad gait, In-toe, Out-toe, Eversion. The higher score is the more risk you have.

Evaluation Conclusion includes Pain Risk Assessment(Front side, Back side,Lateral), Solutions, footwear/orthopedic recommendation.

How we arrived at this result:We analyzed the kinetics mechanics according to stance and swing parameters, shock metrics, and centre line of force based on muscle fascia chain

     What to Look For: Coordinate users condition with Pain Risk Assessment to make physical therpy, Follow-up treatment effect and the parameter variation。   

Senno PT Solution


insoles recommend

We provide solutions for companies with

open API for report

-Insoles or other physical therpy products recommendation features(customizable)

-other forms of technic support

Welcom to contact us if you have any idea of cooperation.



Senno PT demo report


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