Senno Pro is a wearable gait analysis system designed for personal trainer,  physiotherapist, clinic, customized orthostis makers for immediate, shoe store, shoe manufactors. etc.

Hardware Basic:1 unit sensors 9 pairs of insoles(PU) Transport case (Small size, low weigh ) Charging Line Spray Bottle

Software(Perpetual license) Mobile Software Admin website

Gait analysis report: 1.General metrics 2.3D motion rendering 3.Foot Motion Curve graphic 4.Common abnornal gait analysis 5.Planter pressure trajectory(Fitting method) 6.Temporal parameters 7.Motions 8.Biomechanical analysis 9.Chronic pain conjectured 10.Hehab/Foot wear Solutions 11.Prescription Posture analysis: 1.Four sides of the body(developing) 2.Common abnormal posture 3.Analysis of bones/muscle/fascia  


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