senno gait analysis system|smart insole

Senno Gait is not only a comfortable sensor-embedded shoe insert, but a portable gait analysis system to capture gait data from feet. The related data is then wirelessly transmitted to the companion software. The smart insole can detect the foot movements and give real time feedback, so you can modify behavior and avoid further damage. You can track your progress with the digital charts and graphs, the detailed gait parameters can help you avoid multiple medical complications.

There are different kinds of mechanisms governing human gait and posture. Senno Gait is a portable gait analysis system with multiple inertial sensors. The smart insole can generate gait analysis reports to help you make informed adjustments. In addition to clinical applications, Senno Gait can be used in sports training featured with daily gait monitoring. Finally, you’ll know the particular running form in a better way.

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