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Walking is the most basic way of human transportation, which has be underetinmated by most of us thesedays. As a matter of fact, walking or moving can affect a person’s life completely. It has big influence on our independence and  health problems in the short run and long term.

It is worth noticing that many people can walk in abnormal or asymmetrical gait for several years without any symptoms. However, when someone is injured or in pain, the normal gait can be changed, leading to abnormal walking, leading to more serious health problems.

Knowing the importance of gait analysis is just the first step, next we need to understand exactly what is gait analysis? Many people think gait analysis is all about—and only about—someone observing you walk or run and evaluating your shoes and your feet. Or one day, you are going to buy a shoes in a running store, a clerk watches you jog, and suggests a pair of shoes that are more stable, or more neutral, or more cushioned, or are the type that “forces” you to land mid-foot. Is that  really solve your biomechanical issues?

A true gait analysis is usually performed in clinical or research settings and measures the exact angles and angles of the knees, ankles, and hips when walking or running. This process is quite complex, involving expensive machinery and technology. With this in mind, the term gait analysis should actually be used only when referring to this particular (and precise) method.

The assessment of Senno gait which only takes one minute just need the peripheral hardware– smart insole and the APP, and the examination report can be obtained immediately. The gait analysis technology is supported by cloud deep learning algorithm which can achieve high perceptual accuracy. Having up to one million – level gait database and intelligent user gait damage-matching database, it can provide you a quick and professional solution. With simple hardware device and imperceptible wear, “Senno Gait” smart insole helps coaches and physiotherapists to quickly discover the causes of abnormal gait, sports injury risk and chronic pain, and provides guidance to arrange more scientifically training courses for students or patients.

To learn more about gait analysis and how smart insole can enhance your clinical outcomes, please contact us.

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