Sennotech reached a strategic partnership with Bigger Fitness

Fitness conference-2017 ChinaFit

In June 7th, Bigger Fitness Inc. officially announced a strategic cooperation with Sennotech and the other eight industry-leading companies at one of the top fitness conference-2017 ChinaFit.  The goal of the cooperation is to promote the a healthy and quality lifestyle to public by a scientific way of exercising. Smart insoles sports’conception and the product became the spotlight in the conference.

“Bigger has been committed to the study of sports science and to promote the quality of life through scientific movement,” said Jiang Yadong, CEO of Bigger fitness. “As an Internet company, Bigger is always dedicated to  the data mining and machine learning techniques. Using independent developed app-BiggerPB, coaches and trainers are able to provide their customers with one-on-one online teaching training services. This can not only greatly improving theie work efficiency, but also save their customer’s payment. We have honor to cooperat with nutrition, fitness equipment suppliers, hightech companies to build a robust system, this will make a very efficent, professional and simplified communication between coaches and their customers.”

Physical Fitness Evaluation System

Bigger‘s professional fitness coach Certification Training is dedicated to the most advanced physical training mode and theory of the world. According to student’s industries, sports and ages, Bigger offers corresponding physical training lessons to meet their needs. Combined Senno Gait Smart Insole with other analysis epuipment, Bigger forms a comprehensive physical fitness evaluation system(static assessment, dynamic assessment, movement assessment, physical quality assessment).

Senno Gait Smart Insoles

master the  and specific effective physical training plan, show the scientific and professional anytime and anywhere.
Vigo will originally used in plantar pressure test of large heavy equipment into a portable system,
Vigo gait analyzer using data-driven reporting system, sufficient evaginate, take point, within the knee problem such as buckles, eight within eight has clearly pointed out that through scientific training plan and effective feedback, is a sheet of the coach.smart insoles sports

As we know, no matter personal traning course or rehabilitation course, having professional kill and knowledge can increase purchase conversion. Having an effective analysis tool and then provide a practical corrective action dysfunction training prescription, will be well embody coaches professional and skills. Bigger used to adapt cumbersome foot pressure equipment for their coaches. Now they can use Senno Gait analysis system to make gait analysis in anywhere they want. Their customers just need to put the smart insole in their shoes and walk few steps, they will get an precise gait analysis report. The Report for coach can provide informations like foot eversion, pat gait, internal rotation of the knee, in-toe and out-toe. etc. With scientific training plan and process quantify evaluation, coaches can use it in a right way to promote their course.


smart insoles sports


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