smart shoe insole|gait analysis system

For better prosthesis rehabilitation, specific gait abnormalities can be identified and compared with a catalog of known gait standards. Senno Gait, the portable gait analysis system, can be used to confirm the possible contributing factors and help physical therapists make available interventions.

Gait analysis can be used today in a variety of clinical applications: post-surgery biomechanical evaluation, rehabilitation assessment, orthopedic footwear design and performance appraisal of drop-foot surgery. In addition to clinical situations, Senno Gait continues to be applied in laboratories to reveal the mechanisms governing human gait and posture.

Sennotech has developed simple connected insoles and intuitive interfaces that simplify data collection and analysis in ecological environment. Connecting with any kind of foot orthotics, Senno Gait allows seamless gait monitoring for patient and athletes anywhere. From sound biomechanical knowledge to provide the basis for clinical interventions, the most common cause of an abnormal gait pattern in people with lower-extremity amputations is inadequate prosthetic alignment. With Senno Gait, it’s easier for the accurate gait analysis and assessment of rehabilitation.

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