Smart insole explored wonders of AI technologies on FIBO China-Senno Gait

The three-days FIBO (national fitness and fitness expo) officially ended on the 18th. Senno Tech participated the FIBO exhibition and 2018 fitness industry Internet of Things summit with portable smart insole & posture analysis system and solution, which brought a fitness feast for all the guests and exhibitors.

Multi-disciplinary innovative technology  sharing

Having the most guests, this forum invited the sports pundits, sports stars, industry representatives and other influential guests speaks to share their insights and experience.

Chen Xiyao, the former deputy secretary general of China Sport Science Society Sport Industry Branch, Zheng Dihua from Shanghai University National University Science Park, Olympic champion, founder &CEO of Xing Dong Sport, Chen yibing, Chief Administrative Office of  Alisports and other influential guests participated the forum and made keynote speeches.


Kevin, the co-founder of Senno Tech, also expressed his opinion from the point of Multi-disciplinary innovation: The field of fitness technology will move into data services, and in the case of peripheral fitness, smart transformations like shoes and clothes are just beginning. The future of fitness technology will rely on big data connectivity, and the data you collected from one filed also can be applied in another filed and create value.For data service, what Senno Tech hopes to do is to use medical-grade products to truly provide coaches with an effective, professional data assessment and Internet service tool, which could empower more coaches and gyms. We are also willing to cooperate with excellent partners in various industries to deeply cultivate the industry and market as well as provide vertical services for clients.

Posture & Gait  analysis

In this FIBO exhibition, “Senno Gait”, as a portable gait intelligent detection and analysis device, attracted many people, while when they came to our stand, they were shocked. How to assess gait and posture without large equipment and posture scanner? Our staff help them unlock the secret. “Senno Gait” is a portable gait and posture analysis system based on AI technology. It transforms the collecting devices such as traditional pressure plate and camera into a small chip and mobile phone camera with advanced technology. The data transmission and report acquisition can also be conveniently completed by mobile phone.

Gait analysis

The testing process of Senno Gait Smart insole only takes one minute just  by using the portable peripheral hardware and it’s APP, then the results can be obtained immediately. It is helpful for fitness coaches and Physiotherapists to discover abnormal gait data, exercise injury risk, causes of chronic gait pain and give guidance, which make coaches evaluate more rigorously and arrange training courses more scientifically for the trainees.

Posture analysis
Posture analysis app

Posture analysis

With advanced technology of image recognition and deep learning (similar to the facial recognition technology as we all know), Senno Gait can analysis the body’s muscles and bones situation. As to data, senno tech now has an initial data set of 100,000 magnitude. Through the necessary manual verification and calibration of the data by industry experts, indicators such as round shoulder, hunchback,  knock knees, bow legs, high and low shoulder, Hyperextended knee, spine and pelvis can be measured.

Speed, accuracy, reliability-Smart insole give you whatever you want

  • Smart insole is Faster than any other testing products in the exhibition

Compared with Large posture analysis equipment that needs power supply, space and that restricts the position of tester ,Senno Gait overturns the traditional testing process.

Now you just need to wear testing insoles and walk about 10 meters with a mobile phone. There is no site constraints, no tedious wearing, long waiting, and the whole process from measurement to report can be completed in less than one minute! It’s easy to handle even when you have a large number of testing clients.

  • high-precision data as large equipment

The accuracy of the Senno Gait Smart insole was tested by China National Institute of Standardization. The comparison experiment with the large gait device Vicon confirmed that the accuracy of the Senno Gait as a small device was up to 97%. In posture analysis, the accuracy of traditional neural network (mAP) is improved by about 0.1 through reducing gradient diffusion in deep networks and relative positioning method.

  • AI solution makes report more reliable
Portable Gait analysis tool
Portable Gait analysis tool Smart insole

As to the common situation in the private fitness training market, the evaluation results of coaches vary widely, because they do not have enough time for further study, which leads to the phenomenon that coaches can’t really provide a reasonable customized plan for customers. Senno Gait is committed to integrating the sports bio-mechanics theory and solutions, it can help coaches who have strayed from the fundamentals to analysis student’s posture situation with a intelligent matching solution.


Speed, accuracy, reliability,smart insole gives you whatever you want

Senno Gait has also attracted the attention of foreigners in FIBO, saying that the combination of artificial intelligence and sports health, in relatively mature markets, is conducive to understand new business models, break through industry bottlenecks, innovate marketing and create more possibilities for development.

Gait analysis


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