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cerebral palsy

gait analysis for physical rehabilitation

There are expensive and complex gait analysis equipment and the training required has limited their use. Due to variation in the causes and symptoms of gait disorders, rehabilitative methods are often focused on the individual patient. For better rehabilitation assessment, Insole X is another way to go, the portable gait analysis system provides accurate gait data unobtrusively, just try it on and everything would be fine. The aim of using Insole X is to help optimize walking gait for the person being monitored and to measure gait patterns between right and left feet, then display this in a meaningful easy to understand way.


smart insole for clinical assessment

Gait analysis is the study of walking – a detailed examination of the body movements when we walk. Walking is a complex activity involving co-ordination of the muscles, bones and joints of the lower limbs. Gait analysis reveals defects which are difficult to spot from observation and physical examination alone. It can separate primary problems from secondary compensations, which is invaluable in the treatment of patients with complicated neuromuscular problems such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, myelomeningocele, arthritis or traumatic brain injuries.

Sennotech Insole X integrates movement tracking sensors to collect foot data dynamically. With advanced algorithms, Insole X can extract high-precision analyzing results from the data. Software is presented on portable devices and PCs to visualize sensor data in real time. Foot 3d orientation are visualized in a straight-forward way, which makes the feedback realtime and easy-to-understand.

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