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Falls Smart Insole Project

smart insole.pngNearly half of people over 65 have a fall, and around 400,000 people over the age of 75 will have to go to hospital as a result of a fall every year, with costs to UK healthcare services estimated at £2billion a year. Many elderly people who have suffered a fall are worried about further injury and therefore stop or limit physical activities that otherwise might help them regain confidence and their original quality of life.

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Insole X–Smart Insole



InsoleX is a wearable monitoring product with high accuracy and reliability. It consists of smart insoles that can be place in shoes and a data analyzer, which are connected via wireless communication protocols so that the activities of users can be monitored in real-time

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smart insole keep your feet cool

Your smartphone can already control your lights, door locks, home heating-and-cooling system, speakers and more.Now it can arrange for comfy feet, too. The uGale is an app-controlled insole designed to keep your feet cool, ventilated and odor-free, or to heat them when it’s cold out.


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