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As a portable system, Insole X is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Meanwhile, data processing is done automatically and no human intervention is needed before a gait report is generated. By providing an efficient gait analyzing method, Insole X has a significant effect on various fields including medical diagnosis, physical therapy, sports injury prevention, prosthesis rehabilitation, etc.

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The Computer Assissted Rehabiliation ENvironment (CAREN) is a versatile, multi sensory system for clinical analysis, rehabilitation and evaluation of the human balance system. The use of virtual reality enables researchers to assess the subject’s behavior and includes sensory inputs like visual, auditory and tactile. We have compaired Sennotech Insole X with the expensive equipment in Sichuang Bayi Rehabilitation Center, the deviation of temporal-parameters is less than 1%, it’s a portable gait analysis system used in daily life.

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Generally, there are three categories when describing footstrike type: heel , midfoot , and forefoot strike. It refers to the percentage of type during walking or running. The most common symptom of footdrop gait is associated with the affected limb landing flat-foot or toe-first at initial contact. Insole X is a portable gait analysis system for patients suffering from gait disorders that affect gait and balance functions. The smart insole can help your gait analyzed wherever and whenever you go with detailed gait data.

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As to gait analysis, instrumented treadmills are able to gather large amounts of step data, but are limited by the controlled environment and prescribed walking pattern necessary. Insole X, as a portable gait analysis system, it is also available to measure gait parameters, but much more easy to use, even in daily life. With advanced algorithms and motion sensors, the smart insole can record real time foot data in an unobtrusive way.

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Insole X can be used to evaluate and diagnose gait problems, according to the severity of the disorder, the portable gait analysis system measures different gait data compared with a healthy gait. Based on the level of functionality, clinical therapists apply specialized rehabilitative techniques to correct the abnormalities. Insole X will facilitate better gait rehabilitation with detailed gait analysis reports.

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What matters to people suffering from neurological conditions is away from long-term pain that leg/hip and foot problems bring, either by direct action to those already affected or indirectly as a preventative approach. Insole X is intended to not only prevent and treat the complications of gait problems caused by neurological conditions and prosthesis, but also to enable improved gait and balance, and decrease the risk of falls inherent to the problems of not being able to properly feel the feet like peripheral neuropathy.

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Those who had a small stroke may only have minor problems such as temporary numbness of an arm or leg. In contrast, people who have larger strokes may be permanently paralyzed on one side of their body and unable to walk or speak. Some people recover completely from strokes, but many survivors will have some type of disability. Insole X is a portable gait analysis system, it can facilitate clinical diagnosis and gait assessment. The Reports will be tailored to your specifications and include different kinds of kinematic gait parameters.

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Sennotech provides detailed gait report based on Insole X data for daily gait monitoring. The report contains more than 20 gait parameters and conclusive data. Connect your Insole X devices with the companion software. It is to control Insole X devices for data recording and to visualize the real time data stream. You have the possibility to look at the measured gait of the subject in animated form. The gait data will be automatically transferred to the cloud server and analyzed if your phone has internet accesss. It is easy to interpret, compare, print, and customize according to specific application scenario.

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