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What matters to people suffering from neurological conditions is away from long-term pain that leg/hip and foot problems bring, either by direct action to those already affected or indirectly as a preventative approach. Insole X is intended to not only prevent and treat the complications of gait problems caused by neurological conditions and prosthesis, but also to enable improved gait and balance, and decrease the risk of falls inherent to the problems of not being able to properly feel the feet like peripheral neuropathy.

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As a portable gait analysis system, Insole X can fill the lower extremity information gap for practitioners in the fields of Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Pedorthics, and Orthopaedics. The smart insoles may also have potential clinical applications for patients with foot health problems, such as diabetic neuropathy. The sensor-embedded insert captures gait data from feet. The data will be sent wirelessly to the companion software. Insole X provides feedback when dangerous time and pressure levels are detected, so you can modify behavior and avoid damage in time. Maybe it’s time to embrace the smart insole and biomechanical data generated by the insole devices’ embedded sensors.

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Multiple factors play a role in falls and related injuries, however poor balance is the cause of the majority of falls in older adults. Insole X can improve their quality of life and confidence of mobility to have more social participation. With high-precision foot pressure sensors and movement sensors, the smart insole can monitor their physical activities and send real time feedback to get better balance and stability in case of unnecessary falls.

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Those who had a small stroke may only have minor problems such as temporary numbness of an arm or leg. In contrast, people who have larger strokes may be permanently paralyzed on one side of their body and unable to walk or speak. Some people recover completely from strokes, but many survivors will have some type of disability. Insole X is a portable gait analysis system, it can facilitate clinical diagnosis and gait assessment. The Reports will be tailored to your specifications and include different kinds of kinematic gait parameters.

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As a very simple and reliable smart insole, Insole X opens new possibilities for prevention of gait related pathologies, improvement of performance both in clinic and at home and different kinds of foot orthotics. The dynamic gait analysis system is easy to use, you can connect the smart insole via Bluetooth4.0 to any smart phone for real-time analytics on your movements and plantar pressure distribution. Without this accuracy, it would be impossible to clearly understand gait parameters.

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From products designed for medical and research purposes, to consumer fitness, we aim to help improve gait performance and reduce injuries.

Gait analysis for cerebral palsy evaluates the movements of the lower body while walking.For a person with cerebral palsy, gait analysis can be used to:

  • Find ways to help the person walk better.
  • Predict what type of muscle, tendon, or joint surgery (orthopedic surgery) would be most helpful.
  • Evaluate the success of orthopedic surgery that has already been done.
  • Suggest changes in a person’s exercise program.

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Orthotic devices are typically mechanical systems – sometimes simple and sometimes complex – that are often added to the body and are in close contact with it. Insole X can work with orthotic product and sets the standard for gait analysis. As one of outstanding devices for many applications in orthopaedics, diabetic foot care and much more, Insole X can provide protected mobility for those who have gait disorders, with its fabric sensor array and advanced algorithms, the smart insole can measure your foot movement data and plantar pressure data with better precision.

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Runners experience injuries each year, and many of these injuries are totally preventable with appropriate feedback. Insole X is a powerful product designed for dynamic gait analysis, compared to the other smart insoles on the market, it has better precision in measuring plantar pressure distribution and gait parameters, with advanced algorithms, Insole X is able to provide detailed gait analysis reports for daily gait monitoring.

Running in the wrong way has something to do with body injuries, chances are you have been injured, are injured now, or constantly trying to avoid getting injured. There are different kinds of mechanisms governing human gait and posture. Insole X is a dynamic gait analysis system with fabric sensor array and advanced algorithms. The smart insole can generate gait analysis reports to help you make informed adjustments. In addition to clinical applications, Insole X can be used in sports training featured with daily gait monitoring.

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