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Caren and Sennotech Insole X

The Computer Assissted Rehabiliation ENvironment (CAREN) is a versatile, multi sensory system for clinical analysis, rehabilitation and evaluation of the human balance system. The use of virtual reality enables researchers to assess the subject’s behavior and includes sensory inputs like visual, auditory and tactile. We have compaired Sennotech Insole X with the expensive equipment in Sichuang Bayi Rehabilitation Center, the deviation of temporal-parameters is less than 1%, it’s a portable gait analysis system used in daily life.

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Gait Assessment – Normal Gait and Common Abnormal Gaits

In this video, the stages of the normal gait will be reviewed. Then the common abnormal gaits that a therapist will see in the clinic will be demonstrated. These common abnormal gaits are including:
– Slap Gait / Steppage Gait

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Gait Cycle & Gait Analysis

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