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smart insole to measure gait cycle

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Gait cycle is the time between two successive foot contacts of the same foot.One gait cycle has two phases:stance phase and swing phase. Normally, cycle time ranges from 0.95s to 1.25s.The two feet should have similar cycle duration.

Stance phase is the portion of the cycle during which the foot is in contact with the ground.This period is from heel strike to toe-off of the same foot. And the stance phase accounts for 60% when walking and accounts for 28%-40% when running. Swing phase is the portion of the cycle during which the foot is not contact with the ground.It accounts for 40% of gait cycle when walking.

gait measurement by your own

smart insole

Gait measurement is done with Insole X mobile phone app. After measuring, the data will be uploaded to the cloud server for analyzing with internet access. Gait data are fully visualized in this software and they can be exported as gait reports. Besides, gait parameters and their metrics are shown in the software for your reference. You can get Insole X from our website now, so are you ready to be amazed?



Caren and Sennotech Insole X

The Computer Assissted Rehabiliation ENvironment (CAREN) is a versatile, multi sensory system for clinical analysis, rehabilitation and evaluation of the human balance system. The use of virtual reality enables researchers to assess the subject’s behavior and includes sensory inputs like visual, auditory and tactile. We have compaired Sennotech Insole X with the expensive equipment in Sichuang Bayi Rehabilitation Center, the deviation of temporal-parameters is less than 1%, it’s a portable gait analysis system used in daily life.

stroke rehabilitation|gait data

Quantitative walking data on heel strike, gait speed, and symmetry can be recorded with the inertial sensors in the portable gait analysis system named Insole X. For stroke patients who may need daily care and rehabilitation assessment, multiple gait parameters will be measured in order to provide gait analysis reports, it’s rather convincing to evaluate the recovery process according to detailed gait data changes.

smart insole|gait assessment

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With multiple inertial sensors, Insole X can measure the gait data in a comprehensive way. Insole X is a portable gait analysis system for  gait spatial-temporal parameters analysis. Applied in podiatry (orthotics design), rehabilitation medicine (balance disorders assessment) or to evaluate sport athletes’ performance(spatio-temporal gait parameters), this wireless sensor insoles will allow a simple and precise analysis in a total freedom of movement.

gait analysis system |software |device

smart insoles read more                                              Sennologger |wearable technology platform provide smart insoles like sennopro .Sennopro is foot data logger,can capture plantar pressure and gait data.The sennologger will give you analyzers .So many clinic can use it replace of the traditional gait analysis system including the cameras , computers and cushions with sensors.

Rehabilitation Training with Smart Insole

REHABILITATION SMART INSOLE collecting gait and plantar pressure data


A For a person with a foot injury, real-time understanding of their recovery.which can not only reduce the burden on doctors and their own money. I think more important is that he will have more confidence in himself, because the smart insole tell him that he is slowly getting better.

Smart Insole can collect the plantar data and gait data,which are very important for the function of smart insole.




Smart Insoles integrate low cost sensors (e.g., textile-based pressure sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers) and compute important gait parameters. In this way, patients or users can wear them for gait analysis in daily life instead of experiencing the artificial settings of gait labs for hours. With this new wireless insoles, not only can gait analysis can be performed in an accurate and ubiquitous manner, but it can be extended to many new applications such as fall prevention, activity monitoring, sports training.


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