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gait evaluation and smart insole

Automated data analysis by standard reports is available with Senno Gait, the portable gait analysis system will monitor daily gait and provide real time feedback. Beyond the current technological limits, Senno Gait is not only a pair of smart insole, but a gait analysis system, it can facilitate rehabilitation evaluation and postural disorders assessment.

Senno Gait may help assess the efficiency of ambulation after rehabilitation and reduce compensatory movements that, over time, may cause damage to individuals. To adequately evaluate the gait characteristics of people with lower-extremity amputations, the clinician must have an understanding of the normal gait as well as the “typical gait deviations” frequently exhibited by individuals with limb amputation. Quantified gait data via Senno Gait can be used as outcome measures in this population.

gait rehabilitation and senno smart

To our knowledge, Senno Gait is also a portable gait analysis system to apply real-time feedback to individuals with stroke for gait training. The current system is capable of measuring common gait parameters through inertial sensors embedded in a custom insole that can be easily implemented in shoes. Clinicians or physical therapists will ultimately demonstrate its effectiveness in enhancing hemiplegic gait rehabilitation training.

Sennotech has designed an effective and portable gait analysis system for rehabilitation assessment, which can be used by individuals with stroke. Senno Gait is not only a pair of smart insole, but a system developed to be available at low cost for use in gait symmetry rehabilitation outside of the traditional clinical environment.

senno gait analysis system and smart insole

Senno Gait is a portable gait analysis system for gait spatial-temporal parameters analysis. Applied in podiatry (orthotics design), rehabilitation medicine (balance disorders assessment) or to evaluate sport athletes’ performance(spatio-temporal gait parameters), this wireless sensor insoles will allow a simple and precise analysis in a total freedom of movement.

Quantitative walking data on heel strike, gait speed, and symmetry was recorded with the inertial sensors in the portable gait analysis system named Senno Gait. For stroke patients who may need daily care and rehabilitation assessment, multiple gait parameters were measured in order to provide gait analysis reports, it’s rather convincing to evaluate the recovery process according to detailed gait data changes.

gait analysis report and smart insole

Senno Gait is not only a comfortable sensor-embedded shoe insert, but a portable gait analysis system to capture gait data from feet. The related data is then wirelessly transmitted to the companion software. The smart insole can detect the foot movements and give real time feedback, so you can modify behavior and avoid further damage. You can track your progress with the digital charts and graphs, the detailed gait parameters can help you avoid multiple medical complications.

There are different kinds of mechanisms governing human gait and posture. Senno Gait is a portable gait analysis system with multiple inertial sensors. The smart insole can generate gait analysis reports to help you make informed adjustments. In addition to clinical applications, Senno Gait can be used in sports training featured with daily gait monitoring. Finally, you’ll know the particular running form in a better way.

portable gait analysis system|smart insole

Senno Gait is able to provide detailed analysis results in order to evaluate the quality of gait. After each test, the wearers will receive a gait report including charts which allow the therapist to identify deficits. They are also illustrated in a concise manner for a better interpretation. For this aim, time series analyses for each gait phase and further graphs are available. An overview of collected data can be printed for a person’s health records, which is suitable for daily gait monitoring and better rehabilitation.

Gait analysis represents an important method in rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities. Its results document the therapy progress as well as provide valuable information about individual therapy success. Senno Gait, the portable gait analysis system, provides objective and precise results compared to reference values. The whole gait analysis process takes less than 10 minutes and only needs a straight measuring track. Senno Gait is flexible in application fields, such as medical diagnosis, rehabilitation and sports activities.

senno gait analysis system for physical rehabilitation

As to gait analysis, instrumented treadmills are able to gather large amounts of step data, but are limited by the controlled environment and prescribed walking pattern necessary. Senno Gait, as a portable gait analysis system, it is also available to measure gait parameters, but much more easy to use, even in daily life. With advanced algorithms and inertial sensors, the smart insole can record real time foot data in an unobtrusive way.

Gait analysis system can have beneficial effects on body stability and balance training in Parkinson’s disease patients. Senno Gait can be used for gait measurement and analysis. With its advanced algorithms, the portable gait analysis system is designed for daily gait monitoring.

Senno Gait -portable gait analysis system will have long-term rehabilitation effects and can make further improvements to the patients who may have walking disability, the device will help you get detailed gait data and reports.

portable gait analysis system|smart insole

Knee injuries are extremely common in runners, if there was a data-driven method existed for runners to get an idea of whether and when they are at risk for those kinds of injuries, it would spare us a lot of trouble. Senno Gait is going to deliver an overall view to runners, so they can make better decisions about their running form and strategy.

senno gait analysis system

Senno Gait is a portable gait analysis system based on advanced algorithms, it can collect the wearer’s foot data for daily gait monitoring, which will be transferred to the cloud service for analysis, the gait report can be viewed anytime and anywhere to help improving the wears’ walking performance.

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