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With its high-resolution and low-cost sensor units, Insole X could be seen as a complementary tool to traditional treatments. Specifically, if the medical institutions or rehab facilities want to diagnose chronic problems or injuries, the smart insole can be utilized to help guide the treatment. To those who are under rehabilitation like post-stroke, bone fractures or diabetes, it has the potential to optimize individualized care.

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Gait analysis is not limited by the processes of our health and social services or any fundamental lack of knowledge. Insole X has integrated technology with therapy to monitor daily gait. You may have heard smart insole before since wearable sensor technology is all the rage these years. Each product have their unique use for particular customers, Insole X stands out for its high-precision inertial sensors and advanced algorithms, the smart insole can measure your foot movements for real time gait analysis.

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To find the optimal walking gait for people and different patterns between right and left feet, a portable gait analysis system may be used to display this in an easy to understand way. It means a lot when I took a walk through my local town and was surprised/shocked to see how many people have ambulatory problems.

Clinical trials carried out in subjects suffering from poststroke gait asymmetry can be used to evaluate and improve the effects of gait training. Insole X is a portable gait analysis system, which can be used to evaluate rehabilitation of patients with hemiplegia and provide efficient training with adequate feedback. The smart insole will give detailed gait analysis reports and describe the gait parameters measured in a form of diagrams or charts.



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