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With its high-resolution and low-cost sensor units, Insole X could be seen as a complementary tool to traditional treatments. Specifically, if the medical institutions or rehab facilities want to diagnose chronic problems or injuries, the smart insole can be utilized to help guide the treatment. To those who are under rehabilitation like post-stroke, bone fractures or diabetes, it has the potential to optimize individualized care.

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Gait disturbance often results in functional disability after stroke, and enhancing walking functionality is the main purpose among all stroke-related impairments. One-sided weakness, also known as hemiparesis, is the most common impairment pattern among people who suffering from stroke, which can result in gait asymmetry. Insole X can help in symmetry gait training assessment and monitor daily rehabilitation effects.

Gait symmetry is related to energy expenditure, we can say the most efficient gait pattern is a symmetrical gait. Individuals with stroke tend to have higher energy expenditures and extremely low ambulatory activity levels compared with healthy people. For better gait rehabilitation, Insole X can monitor their daily activities and assess the effects of physical therapy with detailed gait analysis reports.

gait disorder rehabilitation

Due to variation in the causes and symptoms of gait disorders, rehabilitative methods are often focused on the individual patient. For better rehabilitation assessment, Insole X is another way to go, the portable gait analysis system provides accurate gait data unobtrusively, just try it on and everything could be fine.

Insole X can be used to evaluate and diagnose gait problems, according to the severity of the disorder, the portable gait analysis system measures different gait data compared with a healthy gait. Based on the level of functionality, clinical therapists apply specialized rehabilitative techniques to correct the abnormalities.

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