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gait symmetry analysis

The symmetry index(SI) is commonly used as a method of percentage to assess the differences between the kinematic and kinetic parameters for both lower limbs during walking or running.

The value of SI =0 indicates full symmetry,while SI >=100% indicates asymmetry.It has been shown that the SI of mean swing phase is the most significant parameter to study gait symmetry.Typically the value is below 10% for healthy people,while abnormal value is above 20%.The symmetry index is most commonly used to evaluate the gait symmetry in patients with stroke, cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease.

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detecting abnormal foot pressure distribution and potential injuries
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Wearable wireless sensor technology combined with a telemedical system is no longer out of reach, Sennopro InsoleX can play a role in home-based and remotely supervised patient rehabilitation. As a developed wearable footwear, it provides benefits to patients, therapists and the public via continuous monitoring whether in stationary or ambulatory conditions.

For better and quicker rehabilitation healthcare, when Sennopro InsoleX comes into use, it can detect abnormal foot pressure distribution and potential injuries. During the supervision course, the special designed insole can do data mining of the aggregated information and send real-time feedback. It has the potential to optimize individualized care.

gait analysis system

Gait  Analysis
what is the gait analysis?
the gait analysis system  should can provide information including the force and plantar pressure ,pluse parameters and time.This is  a complete gait analysis.

Development of Plantar Pressure Measurement System Using Triaxial Force Sensor


The bottom of a person’s foot grips the floor for balance, and the action force and action moment work at the foot bottom when he maintains posture and when he moves. They are important indices in the evaluation and the medical attentions of standing pose balance and gait disturbances. A lot of equipment to measure the floor reaction force have been researched. However, no floor reaction force meter exists that can measure distribution information force in three directions. This paper aims at the development of a system that can measure the planter pressure that exists from a measurement instrument and that can measure the planter pressure distributed 6 × 4 three axis force sensors and software that displays and preserves the output of the sensor element. A time change of force that worked at the foot bottom is sought as a vector by outputting each sensor element. Moreover, an action vector is three dimensionally displayed whose data can be intuitively understood. The results of experiments show that the measurement system can measure the action force of the foot bottom as distribution information on force in three directions.

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