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Smart Insoles for Diabetic Runners

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In PSFK’s article Smart Insoles Save Lives and Give Runners Performance Feedback, journalist Kiran Umapathy writes that the pressure sensors in the inserts help diabetics who may have lost some sensitivity in their feet, so they can tell when they have abnormal pressure from stones, too-small shoes, foot deformities, etc. “Left untreated, this pressure can lead to ulcers and ultimately amputation.” Check out the article for more information.

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Smart Insole for Medical and Sports Purposes


A study was conducted to determine the performance of a low cost plantar measuring device. The aim of the device was to establish an in-shoe measurement system with high resolution and to take relatively accurate measurements.


Insole X–Smart Insole



InsoleX is a wearable monitoring product with high accuracy and reliability. It consists of smart insoles that can be place in shoes and a data analyzer, which are connected via wireless communication protocols so that the activities of users can be monitored in real-time

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smart insole keep your feet cool

Your smartphone can already control your lights, door locks, home heating-and-cooling system, speakers and more.Now it can arrange for comfy feet, too. The uGale is an app-controlled insole designed to keep your feet cool, ventilated and odor-free, or to heat them when it’s cold out.


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