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Requirements to conduct a gait analysis

Upon completion of a static biomechanical examination, the chiropodist/podiatrist should get the patient to walk to observe any obvious or subtle changes from normal gait patterns. The data acquired from both the static examination and the gait analysis should correlate to give the chiropodist a total clinical picture. If possible, you can even correlate the static and vidio gait data to an F Scan/EMED Pedar test. The main problem while observing gait is to train your eye to focus in on problem areas within the whole kinetic chain from head to toe. Initially, you may need a video camera to detect these changes, but with repeated practice you can observe even the most subtle sagittal and frontal plane changes in gait with the naked eye. Most articles concerning gait analysis focus on the trunk, hips, knees and ankles, but fail to mention the area of the body the chiropodist is concerned with. This part of the outline will deal with the upper body, hips, knees and ankle, but will focus on the indicators of abnormal gait within the foot. The outline assumes knowledge of how the trunk, hips, knees, ankles and foot normally function during gait.

Should I Get a Gait Analysis?


A full gait analysis is definitely more informative than whatever you’ve heard from your shoe store or a well-meaning jogger in the park, but it’ll cost you—usually more than $200. Here’s what to consider before you shell out.

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Smart Insole Plantar Pressure Measurement System


The impressive FootLogger technology provides a new set of data that wristband-style activity trackers do not, which can be applied in a wide variety of ways depending on what field you are in. For healthcare professionals, the smart insoles provide a bevy of information involving the alignment of the spine, while high-performance athletes can figure out if they are placing and transferring their weight correctly.

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