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Senno Gait can help with foot orthotics design and guide in prosthesis fitting. The gait analysis system is rather useful in balance rehabilitation with biofeedback, it’s easy to use in routine practice, just one click, you can get the gait analysis report on the app. With multiple inertial sensors, the smart insole can measure the gait data in a comprehensive way.

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Insole X, a portable gait analysis system designed for daily life. The sensor-studded shoe insole provides activity track records and other biometrics such as foot movements and stepping pattern. Users can access the analyzed data via companion software. There is a wide range of potential uses for Insole X. When you proceed to exercise, perform your chosen sport or go about your regular daily activities, the smart insole can always be your side to monitor the daily gait.

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Take a look at the latest smart insole, which can also be used as a portable gait analysis system, it’s Insole X developed by Sennotech, which has movement sensors and advanced algorithms, it can measure basic foot data for real time gait analysis and allows the evaluation of the progress a person has achieved during therapy. The therapist can observe in detail how the quality of gait changes over time. These results can be used in order to e.g. modify or extend the therapy and also provide valuable rationale for health insurances.

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The rehabilitation of diabetic foot
The rehabilitation of diabetic foot

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